Multi and transdisciplinary chemistry program: a new approach

A broad education in chemistry relevant to complex systems: (in)organic /supramolecular / systems chemistry, kinetics, spectroscopies, molecular modeling, including industrial aspects

Unique master courses, and key courses of existing programs: from the Master “Chimie Moléculaire, Verte et Supramoléculaire“ and Master “Chimie Physique, Analytique et Matériaux“

Learning by doing

14 months of experimental work in 2 to 3 academic or industrial research laboratories in Strasbourg or abroad

Practical training with state of the art equipment in real research labs, not just in labs designed for student courses

Entrepreneurship and innovation program

Interaction with experience business professionals, including: how to take a research idea to the market, coming up with a business plan, and pitch-deck to convey your ideas 

Business immersion master classes from leaders in chemical industry