Professional development

Teaching and Mentoring

All the students will have a scientifical mentor to advise them in their curriculum and prepare them for their professional career.

We advise graduate students, helping them in a smooth transition in to their program, supporting and guiding them.

Writing and oral communication

The graduate students develop both academic and practical writing skills, as well as oral and public communication expertise.

Open your mind and enhance your leadership skills at the CSC Graduate School!

Come and live a unique human experience at the CSC Graduate School.

We give you the opportunity to meet exceptional personalities, including:

  • Talented international researchers
  • Nobel laureates in ChemistryJean-Marie Lehn (Nobel Prize in 1987), Jean-Pierre Sauvage (Nobel Prize in 2016)
  • Directors of international industrial groups


Share experiences, exchange ideas, create a professional network, give meaning to the choice of your professional career.

November 2018

The first promotion of the CSC graduate School meets Jean-Marie Lehn


Private meeting with Dr. Simone ARIZZI, Technology & Innovation Director EMEA at DuPont, before his conference


December 2018

Mentoring Evening with the directors of the laboratories of the CSC cluster and discussing experiences with Jean-Marie Lehn

January 2019

Visit of the BASF industrial site in Ludwigshafen

Meeting the President of the University, Mr. Michel Deneken